Announcing Women leaders – An Inspiring Interview Series For the Next Generation of Women

07 December 2021 Language : English

A project supported by the Center for International Private Enterprise and conducted by the Professional Women’s Network Romania


The Professional Women’s Network Romania (PWN Romania) and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) are excited to announce new publication, “Women Leaders,” designed with the goal to inspire and encourage the next generation of women leaders.


In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, it seems more important than ever to share and promote stories of successful women who overcame difficult challenges, reinvented themselves in new roles or industries. These women broke the glass ceiling through vision, hard work and determination, and who never gave up on their values, principles, and dreams.

Promoting examples of such women has been the goal of the Women Leaders project. Together PWN Romania team members gathered extraordinary women to create a series of twelve inspiring interviews revealing lessons learned, advice, and good practices on business, career development, leadership, and resilience.

This quest has been supported by CIPE through its Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment as part of its larger goal to assist global women’s business associations in creating inclusive economies and democracies that deliver for all citizens.

The stories are rich in detail and serve as an excellent example for women and men alike about career development, mentorship, leadership, and resilience in the face of challenge. We hope that by offering this platform for these remarkable women leaders to tell their stories, others across Europe and the globe can draw inspiration from their stories and examples.” – Jeff Lightfoot, CIPE Europe Program Director

“We aim to increase confidence for other women to pursue leadership positions. Aside from providing encouragement and examples to inspire a new generation of women leaders, this project also tries to warn about the fact that business leadership needs to continuously improve gender balance. We deeply appreciate the support and the opportunity offered by CIPE to develop this wonderful project that recognizes Romanian women leaders.” – Ileana Botez, PWN Romania President.

The interviews are published online at: and they will also be available on our website and Facebook and LinkedIn channels.


PWN Romania remains faithful to its mission of supporting gender balanced leadership by supporting women to occupy leadership positions. Therefore, PWN Romania continues to implement consistent actions to ensure gender balance in all aspects of organizational culture, starting with training, mentoring, and supporting women who wish to pursue a top-level career, and advocating for legislation that would ensure women’s equal access in the corporate board rooms.


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