How networking impacts personal development


PWN Romania is giving a lot of thought on how networks impact on personal development, as it relates to be a strong human capital asset to an organization. We are determined to make networks really count for members, companies and society, much beyond mere box ticking. How do network tools, informal coaching, business contacts, mentoring programs, expert speakers on leadership skills, really impact the development of women’s skills, visibility and leadership roles within your organization? Are you more confident, informed, determined, bold, active, happier due to your involvement in a network? Is there any measurable quanty or qualitative ROI? Is the cause and the effect of your engagement in women’s networks too complex to measure?


Connecting, creating and contributing – these are the three core tasks that make or break a global leader!

Leaders possessing a global mindset are able to interpret and to decode situations from multiple, even competing, points of view. They have an insatiable interest to learn about other cultures. They care to understand other people’s perspectives and suspend their judgment to do so. They are aware of the economical and political issues around the world and can grasp the inherent complexity of international affairs from multiple national perspectives. Finally, they nurture relationships with associates and friends around the world and have a unique ability to transcend cultural barriers and cultivate trust.

How are these competencies split between men and women in an organization? How can networks build leadership resources related to these global leadership competencies in both short and long term?

We find these questions incredibly important as we continue to add value to women’s advancement in decision taking roles.

We all have a busy agenda and finding time to be active in networks is an ongoing struggle. Our goal is to make the time invested in networks matter today and in the future.

Workshop program

The Mentoring Committee initiates a new project this year (2014). We want to create “defining moments” beyond a one-in-one relationships, via one-to-many and many-to-many meaningful connections.
We are launching the Defining Moments Workshop Series by which we aim to give you valuable teaching and interactions. The series are structured in three clusters:

  • Professional development
  • Personal development
  • Leisure

We aim to bring you 8 of the most interesting themes on each cluster. We need you to define 8 most interesting themes and help us make them happen! Please click below to make your choice.

Mentoring program – Defining Moments workshops – Topics survey

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