Women Leaders - Interview with Lavinia Rașcă

17 March 2022

LAVINIA RAȘCĂ is, above all, a dedicated and beloved professor who has kindled and inspired generations of students. She is also a consultant, manager and entrepreneur, Board Director of the training company EXECEDU, where she was General Manager for more than 15 years, Board Member of ASEBUSS Business School, and member in the Advisory Board of the ASEBUSS Foundation. However diverse these roles may seem, they all converge toward training and mentoring. This main activity was dedicated to a vast network of managers, entrepreneurs and consultants who are now transferring competencies to their communities and to society in general.

For her dedication and achievements, Lavinia received many awards. She was included in The Encyclopedia of Romanian Personalities - Who is who in business, in TOP 1000 experts– ZF, TOP 200 Powerful Women in Business – Business Magazine, Top 100 Successful Women – Capital, TOP 50 Successful Women – Forbes, Forbes 30 for 30, the silver medal as a trainer, and at The Learning Network Awards in 2019.

Lavinia talks with such passion about her work, her projects, and her amazing team, that it is hard to believe students wouldn’t fall in love with her every word. Her story is about finding the right partners to embark on the journey, about teamwork, about leadership and vision. It also illustrates the fact that business is, first of all, about the values that are passed on to future generations.

Read the full interview with Lavinia Rasca here.

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