Women Leaders - Interview with Magda Manea

11 March 2022

With more than 30 years of experience in finance, MAGDALENA MANEA has explored all the corners of the industry, being recognized as an influencer and a role model for the new generations of women in finance and banking.

Her rich professional background is proof of her curiosity to try new paths and her ambition to learn new things. A strong sense of justice and fairness has consistently guided her on her journey, while her will to constantly improve has motivated and inspired her to always try out fresh avenues and new ways of being exceptional. Magda’s story is that of a very luminous person, who passionately shares the secrets of her trade with the younger peers, thus passing on experienced advice and timeless values. She also tells a story about tremendous respect for people, for cultural heritage and for history.

 Read the full interview with Magda Manea here.

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