Women Leaders - Interview with Sandra Pralong

25 February 2022

SANDRA PRALONG is an author, a political figure and a civic activist. She currently serves as state advisor and member of the Cabinet of the President of Romania, managing the relation with the Romanians who live abroad. Her extensive experience had established her as an influential figure in public policies for diaspora engagement, values-based leadership and strategic  communications, human rights advocacy, civil society development and overseas development assistance.

Sandra talks with passion about her goal to help others, about owning up to your duty as a citizen to improve the community you were born in, and about living up to the remarkable example of her mother’s determination and relentlessness. Her story is one of outstanding bravery and love for people, of never giving up when faced with adversity, of a keen sense of observation and of always giving your all to the mission you have set for yourself. But, most of all, it is the beautiful story of a daughter who nurtures an invaluable legacy from her mother, in the hope of inspiring new generations to never give up on their dreams.

Read the whole interview with Sandra Pralong here.

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